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MOM GUERLAIN the new women’s fragrance


















“I am always filled with an imperious thirst for distant lands, the desire to go ever farther, in search of new scents…”

Chapter I, The Perfumer

“Like my predecessors before me, my work is guided by a passion for fine craftsmanship, an admiration for the know-how of artisans, the authenticity of encounters and the sincerity of emotions…”


For five generations, the Guerlain perfumer has embodied the history of perfumery and embraced it, heart and soul. He has explored the planet in search of rare raw materials. He has invented new, audacious “accords” and created over 1,100 fragrances. Despite his many achievements, he questioned the rules, ignored conventions and revolutionized modern perfumery with Jicky.

For Thierry Wasser, the fifth Guerlain perfumer, who orchestrated the creation of the new women’s fragrance by the House, it is impossible to define a Guerlain fragrance as a mere formula that unites accords and combines rare raw materials in secret concentrations.

We know every last detail about our jasmine, our sandalwood, our lavender and our vanilla, because we buy our raw materials from men and women we have met and whom I have come to know closely over time. Behind our sandalwood in Australia, our Carla lavender which grows at an altitude of 1,300 meters (4,265 feet) in the Provençal Drôme region, our Sambac jasmine in Southern India and our Tahitensis vanilla in Papua New Guinea, there are wonderful people who grow, pick, extract and distill.

From the time of Aimé Guerlain, who personally traveled to Russia in the late 19th century to look for his birch essence and leather, our networks have been built over the long term on a basis of trust. This is why each of our raw materials possesses an emotional dimension that expresses itself and reveals its true nature when it is crafted with our values in mind.

Mom Guerlain is a concentration of real human relationships with people who make our creations genuine. All of the shared and experienced emotions – from the field to the laboratory – become the notes of Mom Guerlain, a fragrance created for an extraordinary, sincere and authentic woman.

Chapter II, The Perfumer

“The creation of a fragrance is a work of emotion and intuition. It perpetuates the wonder offered bythe beauty of nature when enhanced by human intelligence…”

Jacques Guerlain, THIRD GENERATION


A name whispered like a caress on the skin. A name that evokes 200 years of history replete with experiences, nourished by success, expertise and generosity, illuminated by the passion of the Guerlain perfumer.

This quadrilobe bottle was dreamt up by Gabriel Guerlain and crafted by Baccarat in 1908. It is the showcase of legendary fragrances. Year after year, it has earned its position as one of the iconic bottles of Guerlain, inspiring numerous artists and designers who reinterpret it with each of their creations.

Understated, simple and graphic, it recalls an alchemist’s bottle and owes its name of “quadrilobe” to its stopper, which is formed from a solid piece to obtain a shape resembling four lobes.

Today, it encases Mom Guerlain, the new fragrance that pays homage to contemporary femininity by uniting the contrasts expressed by the strength of taut lines and the sensuality of curves, evoking a strong, free and sensual femininity.

An intriguing composition

TAHITENSIS VANILLA is the starting point behind the composition work of Mom Guerlain, a favorite raw material inseparable from any Guerlain masterpiece and also present in Shalimar, Habit Rouge and Jicky.

CARLA LAVENDER, despite its classic masculine attribute in perfumery, joins the sensual and mysterious Tahitensis vanilla. It was necessary to find exceptional and rare lavender, with unique olfactory properties that would satisfy the expectations of Guerlain, the Perfumer.

“This new accord invites us to move beyond the divide and ambiguity of masculine and feminine, because it works to reconcile genres. This is exactly what gives Mom Guerlain its power and modernity,” explains Delphine Jelk, who co-created the fragrance.

Carla lavender shakes up the sensual, enveloping and almost maternal feminine component of vanilla by infusing it with its audacity, freshness, purity and simplicity. This is not an effect of opposition or compromise, but rather the richness brought about by difference.

SAMBAC JASMINE, gathered at sunrise, reminds us that femininity is also revealed in the grace of dawn. It is the link that connects delicious vanilla to lavender; it is the esthete that gives this composition all of its finesse.

SANDALWOOD, expresses the inner riches and resources possessed by all women. It is the wood that gives strength and preserves the mystery of eternal femininity.

Chapter III, The Muse

“We always create for a woman we admire…”

Jacques Guerlain, THIRD GENERATION

“My invisible tattoo, My Fragrance, Mon Guerlain...”

Angelina Jolie

Behind ANGELINA JOLIE and GUERLAIN lies a connection spanning decades, originating with her memory of her own mother’s love for a Guerlain powder, scented with iris and violet, that her mother kept among her treasured possessions. Angelina recalls its association with quality, elegance and femininity.

Years later, this invisible link was renewed when Guerlain met Angelina Jolie in Cambodia, where she was directing her fourth feature film, First They Killed My Father, about a child’s memory of war and loss.

There a partnership began, to create a new fragrance, bringing together Guerlain’s living legacy of craftsmanship, quality and expertise with the values, ideals and aspirations of modern femininity.

Chapter IV, The Film

“The search for fragrance follows no path other than obsession…”


The advertising film is set in Provence – where the Carla lavender found in Mom Guerlain grows and is harvested – in France, a country Angelina Jolie and her family have known and loved for many years.
The advertising film is a collaborative work, with the help of Terrence Malick,

Angelina Jolie and Guerlain.

We could not have dreamt of a more perfect, more authentic setting for “Notes of a Woman,” invested with the magical light that exists only in Provence – a light that inspired the greatest painters.

“Notes of a Woman” re-imagines the story of the creation of the fragrance. For the first time, Guerlain sought to pay tribute to the profession that has built its fame since 1828 by putting the perfumer in the spotlight in an advertising creation.

We meet the perfumer in the grip of the creative impulse, composing a demanding and sumptuous fragrance – a fragrance overflowing with audacity, panache and mystery; a fragrance in the image of the woman whom he admires, who represents in his mind the emotions, attributes, choices, goals and dreams that embody modern femininity: fearless yet gentle, strong yet delicate, sensual yet loving, free yet inspired by compassion for others. A fragrance for women who defy categorization, who embrace all that life brings and all sides of themselves, who are comfortable in their own skin and whose guiding spirit is to be true to themselves and to live a life of use to others.

“Fragrance is the most intense form of memory... In its own way, it is invisible clothing, a game between that which hides and that which unveils.”

Bees inspire our creations, adorn our most precious bottles, connect us to nature and guide our commitment to sustainability.